Reporting Crime

Greatham Parish Council recently took part in a meeting with our District Councillor Phillip Davies at our local Police office in Bordon over several matters that local residents were concerned about it became apparent that people are not reporting crimes to the Police. People don’t like to bother the Police who they know are busy.  People have told us they are not always sure who to call when they wish to report anti-social behaviour and other forms of crime so we thought it useful to explain here how and when to report.

As with any organisation, public or private sector, resources are deployed where they are most needed. if there are no reports of crime or anti-social behaviour the Police will not adjust resourcing to meet demands that are not there. When local councillors are working to try and solve anti-social behaviour it’s difficult for them to engage with partners including the Police if crimes haven’t been reported. Please always report anti-social behaviour and crime. Don’t leave it to someone else. Reporting crime will help your councillors and the Police take the right action to help you and the wider community.

When and who to report things to?

When you have a crime or other situation you feel should be brought to the Police’s attention, such as anti-social behaviour, you can either report online on the Hampshire Police website – or you can phone 101. You can do both twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Where you phone, your call  is answered by the Police. Examples of what you might phone 101 with are thefts you may have discovered overnight from your car or damage to your fence or anti-social behaviour such as litter, graffiti or late night noisy neighbours. It’s important the Police are told when you discover this so they can ensure the right actions are taken including referring to agencies that can help and prevent escalation.

Phone 999 when a crime is happening right now such as a burglary or an assault so the Police can try and apprehend the offender and also phone if you or others are in danger. Also use 999 where you see people regardless of age with weapons, even if you think these are air weapons. Someone may get hurt if you don’t. It’s important in these cases that the Police  are told quickly so they can do their best to respond to keep us safe, to prevent crime and where needed to preserve evidence.

 If you don’t want to give your name, telephone number or address that’s fine. You can phone Crime Stoppers anytime twenty four hours a day, seven days a week on free phone 0800 500 111. Crime Stoppers are a well-established charity who have a very close working relationship with the Police. You can report to Crime Stoppers anonymously, you do not need to give your name, address or contact number. Crime Stoppers will pass reports of crime to the relevant Police force.