Welcome to the brand new Greatham Parish Council website!

We are very excited to launch our shiny new website!

Back in September 2018 a new legislation was passed that all websites belonging to public bodies needed to be accessible and user friendly. Whilst our old website had worked well for us for many years it was not compatible with mobile devices and very hard for users to navigate and find information easily.

The new regulations need the website to comply to WCAG 2.1 AA.

This new regulation exists so that everybody can access the content of a website regardless of any impairments the user may have such as:

  • vision –  severely sight impaired (blind), sight impaired (partially sighted) or colour blind people
  • hearing –  people who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • mobility –  those who find it difficult to use a mouse or keyboard
  • thinking and understanding –  people with dyslexia, autism or learning difficulties

When we think of these impairments, we then start to think how they may affect how people interact with a website. This may include the ability to:

  • use a keyboard instead of a mouse
  • change browser settings to make content easier to read
  • use a screen reader to ‘read’ (speak) content out loud
  • use a screen magnifier to enlarge part or all of a screen
  • use voice commands to navigate a website

We are delighted to say that our new website complies with the new regulations and we have managed to go live before the cut off date of the 23rd September 2020.

We do hope that you find our new website useful and we will continue to keep it up to date with current information.