Greatham Parish Council is elected every four years by vote of the residents of the parish. The size of the village permits seven councillors to be elected who have legal responsibility for administering the affairs of the parish.

The Parish Council is the first tier of Local Government with East Hampshire District Council having the major share of responsibilities  in that it collects local taxes and rates, and provides services, such as refuse, housing and planning law enforcement.

The Parish sits wholly in the South Downs National Park and all planning applications are dealt with by the South Downs National Park Authority although some decisions are delegated to East Hampshire District Council.

Greatham Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm, alternating between the Village Hall and St John’s Church Rooms. Residents are warmly invited to attend and may ask questions about local matters during the public session of the meeting.

Our agendas are published prior to our meetings on noticeboards in the village as well as here on the Meetings section of this website. If you have a question that you would like the Council to consider please email the Parish Clerk on

Minutes of our meetings are also published on our website in the Meetings section.

Responsibilities of the Parish Council

Greatham Parish Council is responsible for providing a range of community services, such as:

  • Old Church
  • Play Area at the Village Hall
  • War memorial at the Church
  • Seating and shelters
  • Lengthsman service (footpath/rights of way maintenance)
  • Consultee on planning applications in the village

The Parish Council is funded through a portion of Council tax and we use this money to provide local projects that will benefit residents.